BioTurk is an innovative life sciences company with pharmaceutical consultancy and “marketing & sales” competencies (of orphan drugs, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, OTC products and cosmetics) in Turkey and MENA region. We identify opportunities and in order to bring them to specified local markets, we effectively liaise with manufacturers, universities and necessary institutions.

Our philosophy

Collaboration is the key to BioTurk’s partnering success. We work hand in hand with our international partners to ensure that their product/s reach the patients that need them and that they reach their maximum potential in the market place, no matter the size.

BioTurk positions compliance —the strict adherence to legal and ethical standards— at the base of its activities, comprising the foundation for its continued existence.

Our expertise

Our expertise lies in the wealth of experience of the management team at BioTurk who are experts in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry. BioTurk offers what we call ‘full service’ for international companies that have specialist products where they need the presence in the Turkish life sciences sector; namely, warehousing, distribution, regulatory, reimbursement, sales and marketing.

Partnership without borders!

We offer a range of pharmaceutical and life sciences consulting services, all designed to help your company reach its potential. Our services are available a la carte so you can get precisely what you need.